Monday, March 30, 2009


Today, I am feeling balanced. As in, over the past few days, my life has been more balanced than it has been in a while. After a very emotional, difficult, and just plain BUSY week last week, I have spent my days off from work catching up a little on all the different areas of my life. Saturday, for example, was all about catching up on rest. On Sunday, I spent a lot of time catching up with people. And today, I just caught up on stuff. I took my car for an oil change, got a new debit card (since the bank canceled mine without bothering to tell me...), sent some Happy Birthday messages (Happy Day, Summer and M'Lyn!), cleaned my kitchen, did laundry (a lot of it...), did some grocery shopping, cooked a real meal, donated platelets... I am quite proud of all the things crossed off the To-Do list today! And the day is not even over yet! Perhaps I can even manage to clean a bathroom before the day is done...

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