Saturday, September 5, 2009


Yesterday I helped to take care of one of my heroes. She's six years old. She has been battling cancer for about half of her life. She has a great smile, and she shared one with me yesterday, even through her suffering. She usually welcomes people into her hospital room by stretching her arms out to receive a hug. She gives great hugs. Even though she is suffering much right now (I will spare you the details), she gracefully does everything she is asked to do. Even when she doesn't like it. Even when it hurts. Did I mention she is only 6 years old?? She says "Thank you" in her sweet little voice when I bring her a popsicle or some more ice to put on her little belly. She is beautiful. She is one of my heroes.

Lord, I pray for the life of my sweet little friend. I pray for physical healing for her. I pray for Your tangible presence to comfort her in her suffering. I pray for Your abundant peace to reign over her and her family. Lord, let Your Kingdom come.


BoysMom said...

Gods children are so fortunate to have you praying for them and providing them your beautiful smile and your beautiful self. Love you.

Julie Tiemann said...

So sweet. Kids are amazing.