Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strawberry Creations (Part 1)

Creation Number 1: Strawberry Pizza (which turned out looking more like strawberry pie)

This concoction involves the following:
1. Bake store-bought sugar cookie dough for the crust.
Disclaimer: While I usually vehemently oppose packaged cookie dough, I make exceptions for projects such as these when the dough is simply a foundation rather than the finished product. Other exceptions include anytime my craving for cookie dough leads me to purchase and eat the entirety of the dough without actually ever baking any of it.

2. Mix various things together in random quantities to make the "sauce." For us, various things = cream cheese, cool whip, strawberry jello powder, and confectioner's sugar. Random quantities = however much of each necessary to create a delectable frosting in a lovely shade of pink.

3. After sugar cookie crust is cooled, cover with "sauce" (see description in Step 2).

4. Cover with as many sliced strawberries necessary to cover top of pizza. In the event that you have enough strawberries to feed a small army (as I do), I recommend a lot.

5. Cool in refrigerator before enjoying.
(Side note: I chose to leave out the step where I fought with a roll of plastic wrap in my attempt to cover the finished product before placing it in the refrigerator. This battle ended with me sawing the end of the roll of plastic wrap off with a large knife. The portion of the roll that remained was then used to cover the finished product. I believe that it was largely the fault of the aforementioned uncooperative roll that I completely forgot to photograph the finished product. My apologies.

I would like to thank Ana Cristina and Alexandra Cabrera for spending the day with me and assisting with all of this strawberry fun.

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