Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting MckMama

This past Sunday, my friend Kerry and I headed down into the city for a picnic with MckMama. MckMama is a blogger that I have been reading for a while now. I actually first linked to her blog through a link on Kerry's blog. So, it was appropriate that we headed down together to go meet her. Anyway, MckMama has a popular blog where she posts about life raising four kiddos, photography, natural eating, and loving Jesus, among other things. Her blog has become very popular as she has openly shared about and sought prayer for her youngest son, Stellan, who was diagnosed in utero with a heart condition called SVT. While the doctors thought he wouldn't survive the pregnancy, he was born healthy. However, when he was about 4 months old, his SVT reared its ugly head again, and he has had several hospitalizations and close calls since then. Most recently, though, his SVT was healed through a successful (though very risky) surgery. I love reading the blog (mostly because MckMama is funny, entertaining, and I love her photos), and have spent time praying for the health of sweet Stellan. So, when she posted that she would be in the Atlanta area, and was planning to have a gathering to meet some of her blog readers, I started to consider going. I was a little hesitant, though, because I knew that an actual meeting would be a whole 'nother step into my blog-addiction. But, when I got an email from Kerry asking me if I was interested in going down, I decided that accompanying her was a great reason to go! So, we went. It was a fun time, even though it was a gray, nasty rainy day. It was fun to get to meet MckMama, to see those sweet kiddos of hers in person, and to even get to hold the miracle baby himself! Here are a couple of pictures of them, using a layout that I learned from this MckMama post:

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Julie Tiemann said...

Very fun! They are such adorable kids. Those hats she puts on Small Fry are so stinkin' cute.