Sunday, December 6, 2009

The End of an Era

The sad moment has come.

The one that Gator fans have been ignoring for at least the past 3 years.

The one where Tim Tebow graduates and the Gators are left without one of the best quarterbacks they have ever known. Yeah, that moment. It's here. Sad day.

Speaking of Tim Tebow and sad days, it was a sad day today indeed when the Gators' undefeated season was thwarted by a stronger Alabama team. Sad day.

But, at least in my book, today's loss doesn't negate the greatness of Tim Tebow. I have loved being a Gator fan over the past 4 years and getting to cheer him on as he plowed over the opponent's defensive line. It was great to watch him rush into the endzone so many times, or throw that jump-pass at a critical moment of a big game. It was great to hear him publicly proclaim the truth of Jesus from the stage that his talents afforded him. It was fun to watch to see which verse he would choose to wear on his face during the game as a testimony to his faith. Mostly, it was just fun as a fan to watch him play football.

So, Thanks, Tim Tebow. Thanks for your contribution to this era of great Gator football. We will miss you next season! Looking forward to watching you dominate in a bowl game, even if it's not the one we were hoping for...

Go Gators!

(And congratulations to all you 'Bama fans that have seemed to come out of the woodwork. As much as I hate to root for a Florida rival, I will be doing just that when you play Texas for the championship. 'Cause my sister tells me I should always pull for the SEC, and she's a smart girl...)

That smart sister and I before a Florida/Vandy game a couple of years ago

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