Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pam!

Today is my sister Pam's birthday! Yay! So, here is my ode to her:

(Except, of course, that I don't know how to write an actual ode... SO, how about a top ten list and some pictures?? Yep, that's a better idea!)

Top Ten Things I Love About My Pamela:

1. She answers to almost anything.

Pam has many, many nicknames - many of which I randomly made up. The list includes (but is not limited to) Pammie, Pammie Poo, Pammie A, Pamela (her actual name, but in this version said with a Spanish accent), P, Peep, Pame-Lu-La, LuLa, and some others I am sure!

2. She is HILARIOUS!

I mean, seriously hilarious. She makes me laugh all the time. She has a sort of dry sense of humor, and just says funny things all the time. I love it!

3. She sings in the shower. LOUDLY.

I love that you can hear Pam singing in the shower from the family room in my parents house, which is located on the opposite side of the house. I love that she doesn't care what other people may think about that. I love that her shower selections often include the most random songs from the recesses of her brain. I especially love when those songs include random old hymns that she hasn't otherwise sung in years. I think that God probably enjoys her honest worship of Him in unashamed fashion from the shower!

4. She dances in her car. While she sings. At the top of her lungs.

I often say that I am sure that other motorists must really enjoy pulling up at a stoplight next to my sister. Chances are that she's putting on a little show from behind the steering wheel.

5. She is a friend to all.

My sister is the greatest friend! She loves people so well. She is especially great at including everyone. She is so kind and generous in her relationship with others, and I love her for it!

6. She doesn't care what other people think.

Pam has always had a bit of a free spirit. She really doesn't concern herself much with what other people may think. (See numbers 3 and 4 above). What you see is really who she is, and I love that about her!

7. She is amazing with children!

I mean, amazing. She loves kids and they love her. She is going to be such a great Mommy one day (hopefully soon! - but that's not a hint or anything...). One of the things that I grieve most with regard to moving to Peru is the prospect of missing my sister have babies and become a Mom. (Don't worry, though - I've already informed her that she will have to Skype from the delivery room!)

8. Her sense of style.

Throughout the years, Pam's styles have included some interesting things... From all the florescent wear of her childhood to the cheerleader shorts and sports bras of her teens (in the house anyway) to the funky T-shirts of her twenties, I love this girl's ever-changing style. And we shouldn't forget all of the socks, mostly courtesy of Grandma.

9. Her ability to win at Scrabble.

I actually don't love this trait at all. Because she always wins. Always. Which means that I don't win. Which I don't actually like too much....

10. Her love for Jesus and desire to share that with others.

My sister loves Jesus. She lives a life of love that shows that so well. She and her husband Jeremy have left their families and warmer weather of the South to make a new home in North Dakota so that they can share the love of Christ with people there. I am so proud of her. Her kindness and love for others are an example of how Jesus tells His followers to live, and are an encouragement to me to live that way, too.

Happy Birthday, Pamela!! I love you, and hope that your day is great! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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Pam said...

HOW SPECIAL!! I heart you!! love you much!!