Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mountain Extravaganzas 2 and 3

It's hard to believe now, but there once was a day when I did not appreciate the beauty of the mountains. It's true. Starting back when I was in elementary school, my family started taking regular vacations to the mountains of North Carolina. For a little while, I thought it was fun. I mean, there were fun parts... Mostly the part where mom would drive us over to Franklin to go mining at a place that was seeded so that we were sure to find lots of treasures. And the part where we would drive down to Commerce and go shopping at the outlet mall. Not so much the part where we would go walk around in the woods or climb up things. I wasn't a big fan of that part. After several years, my sisters and I even started deciding that we would rather just stay home. These days, I LOVE being in the mountains. Being in the midst of beautiful Creation and being reminded of the glory and majesty of the Creator is one of my favorite things. In the past month or so, a friend and I have made several trips into the mountains to enjoy the beauty of Spring. Here are some pictures from Amicalola Falls and Caesar's Head State Park:


There were stairs. Lots of them. Like 650-ish.

Cali did not like the metal-grated stairs. After watching her look pitiful for a while, AJ decided to help her out a little...

Caesar's Head:

I wish that I could better communicate how amazingly gorgeous this enormous wall of mountain rock was. This picture does it no justice. Standing in that place, I was reminded that God is an amazing Creator, and that I am so small!

Automatic timer attempt # 11. Cali decided to put her backside in several of the prior attempts. (Hence the reason she is being held captive here.)

Sitting on a suspension bridge directly over the waterfall. Amazing.

"Pretty Place" at Camp Greenville just past Caesar's Head


Julie Tiemann said...

Great photos - I love Amicalola. We have GOT to get back out to nature with these girls. I'm just scared because I"m still sooo out of shape... But these photos make me wish I was there right now!

What kind of lens did you use for these photos?

Pam said...

did you buy chacos?

A.J. said...

yeah for mountain extravaganzas!!!! LOVE IT! montañas y cascadas sí