Friday, May 14, 2010

What Were They Thinking??

Last night around midnight, a friend and I made a trip up to Walmart to grab a couple of things. As we walked past the women's clothing section, we just couldn't pass it by. I mean, there were so many things that were just begging for commentary - we just had to oblige! Regretfully, we did not have a camera to document the antics. Here are a couple of the items that we encountered (photos courtesy of

1. Fluorescent things. Lots of them. It seriously seemed as though we had just walked back into 1989. Ironically, though the actual store looked like cans of shockingly bright colors threw up everywhere, finding a suitable example of this is somewhat more difficult when looking online. Please visit your local Walmart store for full effect.

2. Ridiculous swimwear. Again, for full effect, please observe selections in person.

3. Shorts that would not fit my left thigh. Exhibit A:
Now, while the items above are certainly worthy of some amount of commentary, this is nothing compared to what is still to come. Here are a few of the items that I would put into the category of "Seriously...what WERE they thinking?!?"

1. The following T-shirts:

Ummm...seriously. No one needs bird eyes located there on their chest or a flower growing from there. No one.

2. The bodysuit:

A bad idea in the early 90's and a worse idea now...

3. (my personal favorite) The romper:

It is my personal (and strongly held) opinion that the term romper should only apply to pieces of clothing worn by babies and toddlers. No exceptions. For some particularly hilarious commentary on the subject of rompers, click here.

Seriously, friends...grab a friend and take a trip to your local Walmart. You will be glad that you did.


Julie Tiemann said...

Seriously?! I mean, seriously?!

I did see some rompers in Kohl's the other day and gagged. Again, seriosuly?!

Kelly Anne said...

Hahahaha you make me smile :) Hope you're feeling better...

A.J. said...

This is my favorite line..."Ummm...seriously. No one needs bird eyes located there on their chest or a flower growing from there. No one."
We should go again...with a camera this time...hilarious!

Caroline said...

Thanks for the laugh! Your commentary was perfect :)

A.J. said...

can we do this again soon...say, tomorrow?....yes please?