Monday, October 25, 2010

Furman Fall

This past week, I headed out of the city to spend some time in the mountains. While I was driving through Greenville, I decided to make a visit to Furman. I walked around the campus for a while and enjoyed the beauty of the fall colors. I also stopped in the coffee shop to get a Tower Freeze before I headed out. I was pleasantly surprised to find the same lady still working there that used to make my drinks 8 years ago! She said that she recognized me, too, which is probably a statement about how much time I used to spend in there filling myself with caffeine...

While I was there, I also stopped into to the bookstore, where they were having a big 75% off sale. I decided to bring something home for my adopted puppy, Cali. She's really a Clemson girl, but she looks good in purple, too!

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The Graves said...

Glad to hear she is really a Clemson girl! Furman looks beautiful... I used to spend some time there while I was at Clemson... many walks around that lake!