Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Clemson!! (Well, almost...)

This past weekend, I headed up to South Carolina with two of my favorite people, AJ and Lauren. We were doing a belated birthday celebration for Lauren, since she was out of town being a 72-mile-bike-riding-rockstar on her actual birthday. The plan was to head up to Greenville, spend the night, and then go to the Clemson game on Saturday afternoon. The plan hit a slight detour, though, when we weren't able to get tickets to the game. Turns out that a lot of people shared our plan to just buy tickets outside the stadium. Oops. A lesson learned. But that didn't stop us from having a fun day. Instead of heading into the stadium, we headed downtown to do a little shopping, then listened to the game on the radio while eating ice cream and driving with the windows down on a perfect fall day. When the game was over, we did a little bit of hiking to Issaqueena Falls, and finished the day with a quick stop at the outlet mall on our way back to Atlanta. Not what we had planned, but a fun trip nonetheless!

the sad "we need 3" fingers

"we're gonna have fun anyways" faces

underneath Issaqueena Falls

some sisterly love


Pam said...


A.J. said...

We ARE so darn fun. People should want to be friends with us... So....when are we going to do the Clemson do-over? Loge!

The Graves said...

The same thing happened to some of us that weekend... but we all got tickets with no problem 2 weeks later! Try on a non-homecoming weekend!