Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Blizzard" of 2011

This has been a crazy week here in Atlanta. Last Sunday night, we got more snow than this city has seen in a while. The entire city was shut down for a couple of days. School was cancelled for the entire week. When they finally did leave their homes, people crept down the still partially icy roads, making traffic a nightmare. I was ridiculously excited on Friday evening when I drove home from work on roads that were almost completely free from ice for the first time all week. Even as I type this on Saturday night, my yard outside is still mostly covered with snow and ice. Being a Southerner who hasn't seen all that much snow in my life, I get excited when snow comes. But even I am ready for all of it to be gone after this week. Here are some pictures from Monday afternoon before I headed in to work:

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A.J. said...

Hey...what are you picking up with that bag in that last picture?