Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Pictures

The Christmas tree - before opening gifts


I got Photoshop Elements! I had an old version on my PC, but needed a new one for the Mac.

AJ opening a gift

Sam the dog came for Christmas. When he came through the door with his favorite toy in his mouth, Cali promptly stole it from him. We had to give her some rawhide to keep her occupied while Sam got acclimated to a new place. I found it hilarious that this is how she chose to sit to eat it.

Sam the dog with his Christmas toy.

Cali knew which stocking was hers!

She loved her big rawhide candy cane from Sam!

The beginnings of my first ever white Christmas!

Spinning in the snow, before it was sticking on the ground. I might have worn pajamas all day on Christmas... Good thing I got that rain jacket! It came in handy. Thanks, Dad!

AJ and Cali in the snow on Sunday morning

And we thought this was a decent amount of snow... We didn't know what was coming!

I find very few exceptions to my flip flop-wearing rule.

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A.J. said...

Couple 2, 3 things.....
A) there were a few presents under that tree...just a few
next) I got a present or 2
last) Cali wants that candy cane....