Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On the lighter side...

I love ice cream. And watermelon. But not together. These might be my two favorite things to eat. In a recent effort to make healthier choices, I have been trying to eat fruit as a "treat" instead of sweets. I'm not sure that strategy works so well when I eat an entire half a watermelon in one day, but I digress... (Not that there is much of a point here anyway)

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite kind of ice cream. The white kind. Not the green kind. I am a bit picky about my ice cream. I especially love Breyer's mint chocolate chip. So good. My other favorite kind is from an ice cream shop in Atlanta called Jake's. Peppa-Choco-Mint. So yummy. It's pink, not white. I eat my ice cream in a cup. Not a cone. Sometimes in a waffle cup. Sometimes. At home, my favorite way to eat ice cream is out of a mug with a little bit of milk poured over it. I'm not sure why I do that exactly, but I like it.

What about you? What is your favorite flavor? If you're not an ice cream lover (though I find this idea difficult to fathom), what is your favorite treat?

And while you're letting me know, go ahead and tell me who you are. I would love to know who's reading!


bethy said...

Hey Amy!! Its Beth (Bagby) I just found your blog through Caroline's...through the reunion website. Whew! I love that you are a hemo/onc nurse!! I was a social worker at Baptist here in Jax on the hem/onc unit- until I had my daughter almost two years ago. I loved that work!! My favorite treat is anything sweet...I'm not picky! We have a blog (nothing exciting...just my little family) its private, but I'll send you an invite- if you want. I'm so glad to see what you are up to!!

Julie Tiemann said...

Anything chocolate, especially Bruster's turtle. I'm also a sucker for their key lime pie ice cream. :)

amy said...

Hey Beth! I am so glad that you commented. I love to know what people from my past are up to these days. And I'm a bit of a blog-stalker, so I would love to check in on your blog from time to time.

I do love Hem/Onc. It does have its difficult moments for sure, but it is so rewarding to work with such amazing kiddos. I think it gives me a little bit of good perspective for my life, too. And, they are so cute!

pam said...

green mint C. Chip--- hands down. well maybe a brownie al a mode with vanilla

susan said...

Hey Girl mine is Choc too..I love reading your blogs and look so forward to them..they keep me going keep writing..

Aunt Suzie

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are getting quite a fan base! I love chocolate, but I have found the Capt. Jacks @ the Ale House - sooooo good. Likewise, I have started to realize that I need less of the treats and more of the good stuff, but the treats are well....TREATS.

Aunt Annie

Jennifer said...


I found you through my sister's and mine's weight loss blog, (although you are right, we hardly ever update that one). I have another blog, It is private, but I will send you an invite if I have your email address!

Would love to catch up soon! I have had LOTS of changes recently, so email is the best. jenanay126 at gmail dot com.

Hope to talk to you soon!
Jennifer (Bagby) Mulherin

P.S. Favorite ice cream? Hands down...peppermint

Caroline said...

Hey!! Oh goodness - ther are too many ice cream favorites. Publix has an amazing "chocolate trinity" or something like that... Ben and Jerry's has a fabulous oatmeal cookie and also a yummy "coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz"... mint chocolate chip is definitely up there on the list.. ok, now I'm hungry... ;)