Monday, January 21, 2008

An introduction - continued...

Some more facts about me:

My favorite flower is a tulip.

I don't like corn (or cornbread, or corn nuggets, or corn casserole). I don't like tomatoes either.

My favorite season is fall.

I would love to visit all of the continents. Well, all except Antarctica that is. I am not all that interested in ice.

My favorite shoes are flip-flops. I don't really wear any other kind.

I really like a good chai latte. Or coffee with peppermint mocha creamer. But, as previously mentioned, they only sell that at Christmas. So sad for me.

I am the middle child. I don't think that I have any associated syndromes.

Here are some pictures of some people and things that I love:

My parents - My dad would like you all to know that he taught me all that I know about baking chocolate chip cookies. While this is true, I still argue that mine are better :-)

My mom and I in an elevator on a cruise ship. I think she is the source of my nose genes.

My sisters and I on the beach on Christmas Eve.

Pam and my soon-to-be brother-in-law Jeremy (aka J-Rob)

My Bella all sprawled out like a frog (except for the paws crossed part)

My roommates Erin and Avivah in front of our Christmas tree (which was beautiful even though you can't actually see it in this photo).

Some roommate fun in Decatur

Amanda, Emily, and Kristy - some fabulous Furman friends that I love

A pink tulip - my favorite!

Just one of many reasons that I love Peru

The only kind of shoe that I wear. Given the 20 degree weather today, I am trying to branch out. I still think that my foot would rather be a little cold than shoved into a real shoe...

Some fun friends - including about half of my community group, which I love!


Melissa said...

Bella is the only other cat I've ever seen sit like that--Jack does that all the time (including the paws crossed thing)--I call it his "lay where he fell" pose because he acts like he just can't walk any he collapses.

Amanda said...

Hi friend! So I must say I've enjoyed reading your blog. Maybe one day I'll restart one of my own. I think a trip to Atlanta is in order as soon as I finish my critical care month so that we can catch up. Have a great week! :)

Sarah said...

Hi! Now we are blog friends! Yipee! I love your introduction sharing your pics. I love that you only wear flip flops. Keep writing!!!