Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why I Love...

My Sister Carla

In celebration of Carla's birthday (which was last Thursday, but I like to help her extend the celebration for as long as possible), here are some of the reasons that I think she is great!

-She is a middle school teacher, which I think is amazing! Middle school is such a difficult age, and I am thankful that there are people like her who are good at loving those kids!

-She does a great ghetto voice.

-She makes me laugh with her hilarious student stories. She knows that I love hearing about when her students say or do funny things, so she always calls me when she has a good story. Remember this one?

Student: "Ms. Lahey! Did you know they had beaches in the 1920's!?!

Carla: "You mean like sand and water? Yes, hunny - sand and water have been around for quite a while now.

-She has always been an inspiration for me to look up to. And compete with. She is probably the sole reason that I ended up valedictorian of my high school. She was near the top of her graduating class, so there wasn't much room for me to beat her!

-She sent me this YouTube video to enjoy. Isn't it so darn cute??

(I especially love the faces that he makes and the final "I'm Yours!")

-She loves Jesus and lives a life that honors Him. A great example!

-She can bust a move. Unfortunately for you, she usually only does that in the privacy of her own home.

-She has great hair. I wish mine were half as thick!

-She is a great story teller. She has a particular way of making things funny. I guess that's the drama queen in her.

-She sometimes leaves me comments here on the blog (which I love!) even though she refuses to blog herself. (Granted, I coerced her into having a blog in the first place...)

Happy Birthday, Carla! I love you!


Julie Tiemann said...

I love Carla too!

I am one of the blessed few who has witnessed her bust a move. In fact, I've got a video that I could blackmail her with. Of course, it would also be humiliating for me, so I won't. ;)

And that video is precious!

Carla said...

Love you too, dawg!