Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am so easily distractible! I know that I have mentioned this before, but seriously, it's true. Like, I really think that I must have missed my ADD diagnosis as a child. Or maybe I have become this way over the years. Who knows? What I do know is that I have trouble focusing myself on the task at hand. Take the last hour, for example, which has looked something like this:

-Get up off the floor (where I was "wallowing" (as Erin would say) while contemplating taking a nap) and decide that I am going to be productive.

-Try to fix my washing machine, which wants to run water and drain it out simultaneously rather than filling and continuing on with its job...

-Fail at first attempt

-Call my mom to tell her that my washing machine isn't working ('cause she's a genius and very handy and can pretty much fix anything.)

-Mostly talk to her about plans for she and my dad to come up and visit me this weekend.

-Start sweeping the kitchen floor while talking to my mom.

-Stop sweeping the kitchen floor, leaving the pile of dirt in the middle of the floor and go back to trying to fix the washing machine.

-Fix the washing machine (Yay!)

-Send AJ a text to tell her about my washing machine triumph.

-Sweep the pile of dirt into the dustpan, discard, and start mopping the kitchen floor.

-Stop the mopping process when I get to the windows and decide that I should dust them.

-Dust the blinds on 2 windows (the ones in the kitchen).

-Stop dusting and go back to mopping.

-Decide that the plant in the corner is looking sad.

-Get the scissors and start trimming dead branches off of the plant. Leave the branches in a pile on the floor next to the plant.

-Open the refrigerator and eat some raw cookie dough (that I should probably stop eating and throw away already).

-Realize that I have not run the dishwasher from last night. Finish loading it and start it.

-Finish mopping the floor in the kitchen.

-Move the kitchen table back into the kitchen. (We move it when my small group is over so that everyone can eat in one place.)

-Start to put the dining room table back in place. Move two of the chairs under the table and then decide that I should vacuum under there first.

-Look at the pile of dead plant branches on the floor and think to myself that I should pick them up. Don't do it.

-Decide that I want to go get my Ipod and listen to music while I clean.

-Go check my email instead.

-Go back into the kitchen and realize that the washing machine is done. Move clothes into the dryer and reload the washer.

-Think about how ridiculously distractible I am and think that I should maybe blog about it. But, then, I shouldn't because I need to focus on the task at hand. What is that again? Oh yeah, cleaning the kitchen...

-Eat more cookie dough.

-Spray down the counters with cleaner.

-Wonder why the heck the lawn people are mowing grass that is dead and hasn't grown in months now.

-Notice how dirty the baseboards are. Get the sponge and clean a section of baseboard about 2 feet long.

-Stop cleaning the baseboard and start wiping down the cabinets instead.

-Again decide that I need some music. Walk to my computer instead and decide that I will blog about how ridiculous I am...

(Next on the list: Actually go get the music and focus on cleaning the kitchen/dining room until it's done! Wish me luck!)


A.J. said...

this is ridiculous and hilarious! i love it! and you should not throw out the cookie dough...i already told you what you should do with it! ;)

Caroline said...

You make me laugh. Now go finish sweeping :)

Becky said...

Distactability....just another bad trait inherited...sorry!

Lauren said...

Okay you are too funny... Despite what AJ says, yes, you must throw away that cookie dough! I will come over and we can make more!