Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Afternoon Observations: Kitchen Renovation Edition

1. Grouting tile is a lot harder than I thought.

2. Tiling, grouting, and painting are all messy activities. Put them together and you get something especially disastrous.

3. A kitchen sponge (i.e. the one I wash dishes with) is not an appropriate grouting sponge. (Quite ineffective, actually...)

4. Dried grout is extremely difficult to get off of ceramic tile.

5. When placed on Shuffle, my Ipod finds its way to a Christmas song approximately every third song. (Very annoying.)

6. When the thought crosses your head that you need to remember not to grout that space where the electric outlet screw needs to go, you should write that down. (Maybe even stick it to the outlet itself...)

7. The floor is wet.

8. The sink is leaking (which explains number 7, and was immediately followed by the thought that I wish that would've happened yesterday instead of today so that my mom could fix it for me!)

9. One should be sure about grout color before starting the grouting process. Because, once you are halfway done with one wall and realize that you may not like it, it really doesn't matter...

1 comment:

Pam said...

i cant wait to see pictures!!! momma says it is fabulous