Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I Love...


1. Pretty things like these are blooming:

2. Daylight savings time means that it is still light when I leave work. So nice!

3. Warmer days mean more time playing outside!

4. The strawberry fields are open! (Well, not yet, but they will be soon!)

5. My birthday comes!

6. Baseball season comes. (And, while this is not nearly as exciting as college football season, it is still fun to go watch the Braves play!)

What about you? What are your favorite Spring activities??

(Just to be clear, my favorite season of all is still fall. It's hard to beat the changing colors of leaves, pumpkin flavored things, and college football. But, spring is a close second!)


A.J. said...

hmmm...favorite things about spring
I will second your 1-5. I absolutely love how the cold is gone and everyone seems to be outside playing...and I cannot wait to be back in the states to enjoy it!

I will also say that fall is my favorite as well...there are so many wonderful things about fall, but spring is a close second.

Carla said...

My favorite sign of spring in Pittsburgh was seeing the Little League teams lined up outside the Dairy Queen stand near my house. (Dairy Queen reopened in the spring.)

Now my favorite spring activity is Spring Break! :)

I'm planning my first beach day of the year on Friday! Good thing my Medical Flex Spending account from work says that sunscreen is a reimburseable expense!!! :)