Monday, March 15, 2010

Love from Lima

This morning, I ran across this video of the ministry center in Lima, and it made my heart smile. I miss Lima and my friends there so much. I am anxious to get to join them in life and ministry there, and am praying that the Lord will provide the missing pieces to allow me to be able to move this summer. I thought I would re-post it here so that you, too, can have a little glimpse into life in Lima. And so that you can meet Monica - one of the coolest people EVER! (Hope you don't mind, Mona. I loved getting to see your face, if only in a video from afar!)

to beggar's society with love from lima from Word Made Flesh on Vimeo.


A.J. said...

I loved getting to see this...a little glimpse into this place you love so much. I am praying God provides those missing pieces...while in the in-between time really enjoying knowing you!

monica said...


David said...

i find it funny that it is on your blog that i see this video for the first time. i remember seeing monica doing it and wondering what is she doing. anyway see you later