Saturday, March 6, 2010

Personal Victory

This morning, I went for a run. I ran perhaps farther than I have ever continuously run. Granted, it was not actually that far, but as someone who hates running, it was a small victory for me. I had a couple of sources of inspiration:

1. The girl that I mentioned in my last post is still not doing very well. Worse, actually. As I thought about her and about what a fighter she is, I was inspired to keep on running. I realized that any pain that I was experiencing was negligible when compared to the suffering that she is enduring right now. So, I ran.

2. A friend of mine from my childhood just ran a marathon in memory of her dad who died from lung cancer and in honor of her mom and many others who are cancer survivors (including my friend Sarah). She hates running, too, and she ran a stinkin' marathon. As I thought about that, I decided that surely I could make it a few miles.

3. A couple of songs came across my Ipod at just the right time. Like this one. Being in the midst of the beauty of Creation reminds me of the glory of the Creator. He is an amazing God, indeed, and today is a beautiful day! (And, just so you know that I can also be inspired by some less-than-holy artists, this Black Eyed Peas song also made my legs move a little faster.)

I definitely did not set any speed records today, and I am sure that my effort was not all that graceful to watch, but it was a victory for me nonetheless. What about you? Did you have any personal triumphs this week - either small or large? I would love to hear about them!


Pam said...

Way to GO!!!! So someone encouraged me to try to run a relay marathon team in may---i am still unsure but maybe i will at least start running. LOVE YOU!

A.J. said...

I will echo your sister and say Way to GO!!! I am impressed and encouraged...and like I said...No more pressure! :)
I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know you. It is a blessing already!