Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny Story

(Well, not really a story, but something that I thought was funny nonetheless...)

So, yesterday after the funeral, a bunch of the nurses from my floor went out to lunch together at Cracker Barrel. I was looking at the menu and noticed that they have a new "Low Carb" section. It comes with this description:

"We know many folks are watching what they eat, so we’ve prepared some of our favorite dishes with less carbohydrates."

But, then I started looking at the options and realized that all that was listed were different kinds of meat and the associated number of carbs. For example, six grilled chicken tenderloins have six grams of carbs. That is just lovely, except for the next sentence on the menu: Served with your choice of three sides. Three sides which are conveniently not included in the carb total. And since the choice of sides at Cracker Barrel mostly include things like steak fries, hashbrown casserole, dumplins, and macaroni and cheese (just to name a few), it seems to me that there is nothing actually low in carbs about the "Low Carb" section of the menu.

And I found that a bit funny...


A.J. said...

No, No.....this IS a story and it IS funny! I would have found that very amusing if I had seen it. I think everyone already knows that meat is low carb and you are right, the only thing on the side menu that isn't a carb is green beans, but with all those yummy carbs, who wants green beans!! And Cracker Barrel is seriously one of my favorite places! Cannot go wrong with the breakfast menu! Love it!

amy said...

I actually do order green beans... I think they are yummy there. But, don't worry - there is always something else high in carbs and fat to go along with it.

So, it seems that you have a new blogger profile picture. What do you call THAT face, exactly??

A.J. said...

After much consideration from your comments and my own personal examination of my "scary face" profile picture I decided that you were right....I looked kind of like an angry homeless I changed it and hopefully you will find the new one much better...not sure if it is the sassy face, but there is a face.