Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I Love...

The Jordan sisters!

AJ and Lauren (who clearly look nothing alike)

These girls have quickly become two of my favorite people on Earth. Lauren (right) and I have been friends for a couple of years and are a part of the same community group. Our relationship has grown over the past several months, though, and I am so thankful to have her in my life! Her sister AJ (left) just moved here at the beginning of the year to come on staff at our church. I have loved getting to know her over the past few weeks. I seriously think that they are two of the coolest girls ever!

Here are some of the reasons why I love Lauren Boden:

Lauren and I in the snow

1. Lauren and her husband Trey have invited me into their lives in a way that makes me feel so special and loved. For a single girl living away from my family, this means so much!

Trey and Lauren

2. She watches So You Think You Can Dance with me.

3. She puts up with my whining at the gym.

4. She is an amazing teacher to high schoolers with special needs.

5. She shares my love for ice cream.

6. She takes me out for said ice cream when I have had a bad day.

7. She gives the best hugs ever.

8. She has approached health issues in her life with grace and strength, and has recently decided to do a ridiculously long bike race to fight back against her disease. I love it, and am so proud of her!

At an appt in December

And here are some reasons why I love my new friend AJ:

1. She is hilarious.

2. She shares my love for (and use of) the British accent. We are, however, trying to stop it from pervading our lives. (Because my patients and families are starting to look at me funny when I ask them a question in an accent that I didn't have 5 minutes before...)

3. She also shares my love for good ice cream, and is often willing to go get some with me.

4. She makes me yummy pizza. (Seen here with another sneak peak into my kitchen renovation. Before and after pictures to come soon, I promise!)

5. She sacrificed her own sleep to help me stay up all night to get ready for night shift last weekend.

6. She is lots of fun to hang out with, and has provided me with hours of entertainment in the past couple of weeks.

7. She posts comments on my blog. I love comments :-)

8. She also has a blog, where she often shares stories that make me laugh. Like ones about eating dog peanut butter or accidentally using someone's shawl as a blanket...

Lauren and AJ - I love you girls! So glad that God has blessed me with your presence in my life! Especially when you make faces like this:


Lauren said...

Ummm so you make me smile a lot...and even get a little teary eyed. I LOVE YOU!

A.J. said...

You are AMAZING...The Jordan sister's both agree that you are one of our favorite people on earth.
I would gladly stay up all night/eat icecream/make yummy (lactose friendly) pizza/take spontaneous trips to Stone Mountain/you get the picture.....with you because it is oh so much fun! And I love your "intricacies" as well!