Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza 2010

I have been too busy being outside and having fun lately to do much blogging. So, I have some catching up to do! Starting with my amazing birthday extravaganza! Last weekend, two friends took me up to the mountains for my birthday, and it was fabulous! We went hiking at a couple of amazing places, enjoyed some glorious weather, ate lots of yummy things, and just enjoyed having fun together. Lauren and AJ went above and beyond planning a fun weekend for me, including researching restaurants in the area (where we had YUMMY pancakes for breakfast) and calling my mom to get the recipe for my favorite cake. I loved it! Thanks again girls for loving me so well!

Pretty waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge

The rule-breaker convincing the rule-follower to break the rules

AJ laughing on the "sit-there" (you might call it a bench)

Me on a rock (clearly)

A place called "Goats on the Roof" (for obvious reasons) that we saw along the road. AJ may have suddenly crossed multiple lanes of traffic in order to stop here. Maybe.

Ice cream. Yummy. Accompanied by an interesting way to eat it while driving... (Don't worry - we were actually still in the parking lot)

I love these girls!

Lauren the photographer

AJ and Lauren in front of the waterfall that we decided NOT to slide down (Don't you think that looks like it could be dangerous?!?)

The obligatory picture of a foot. I like the way that the water looks.

Rainbow Falls - Thanks, God, for creating such beautiful things for us to enjoy!

Looking down from the top of the falls

Where I told her she wasn't allowed to go any closer without breaking Rules #1, 2, and 3

AJ and Lauren enjoying the beauty of Creation

I love this girl!

(Still to come: pictures from Mountain Extravaganza #1 and Dogwood Festival fun!)

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Annie said...

I love it! Great friends are better than gold. Looks like you've found some.