Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Feast (in photos)

last minute prep


proof that the boys did join us


Lovely ladies! (Shelley, Aimee, and AJ)

Lauren and I

the cake... (not exactly what it was supposed to look like, but still good!)

AJ's "Oops - what happened to the cake?" face

AJ and I (quite close up...)

Easter eggs!


Julie Tiemann said...

I'm sure the food was great, but all I could stare at was those amazing plates! Are those yours??

A.J. said...

I love Easter Feast "in photo" One day (if I ever have a camera of my, digital SLR, Polaroid, disposable......something) you will have to teach me how to take fun photos!
I could use another plate of that food right now!