Monday, April 19, 2010

The Many Faces of My Friend AJ

I love my friend AJ. And her many faces. I told her that recently, to which she responded that she actually only has one face. Which, I suppose is true. But, that one face has many, many expressions. Like the following (which were pretty much captured in the course of 2 days):

(Pictures posted with the express texted consent of AJ Jordan and will not be sold, reproduced, or otherwise used for exploitation or personal gain.)

I love you, AJ!


A.J. said...

face #1) I just did something mischievous and i am not telling you face
face #2) the more chill sassy face
face #3) we have already discussed the 2 options for this and they shall not be repeated online
face #4) i just hiked up 605 stairs with a 50 lb dog on my shoulders face
face #5) angry the two left lane are closed keeping me from biscuits that are flying face
face #6) Mr. tree why did you stab me in the face, face
face #7) i only have half a face, face
face #8) i am laughing so hard i am peeing myself on the sit there face
face #9) i have a whole bag of skittles in my mouth face

amy said...

I am laughing out loud (as usual). Thanks for the commentary. As previously noted, I love all the faces.