Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fargo - Day 1

(the unedited photo version)

Those were some of the highlights of the day - hanging out in the Mall of America in Minneapolis, which is complete with roller coasters in the middle of the mall; riding from Minneapolis to Fargo with my sisters and being thoroughly entertained by Pam's rendition of various nutrition-related songs (including Salad Sisters and B is for Banana); and enjoying the beauty of the amazing rays of sun.

Due to the fact that it is late and I got about 3 hours asleep before the flight this morning, that is all I have for now. For a much more entertaining version of today's events, check out Carla's blog.

Yes, I have managed to convince both of my sisters to start blogging. I'm good. :-)

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Julie Tiemann said...

Thanks for convincing Carla to blog - that girl just makes me laugh. :)