Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lake Fun

This weekend I went to the lake with some really fabulous friends. We had a great time! The highlights were hanging out on the boat, tubing, attempting to water ski, yummy food, and having time to catch up with friends. The lowlight was sticking a knife into my hand while trying to cut an avocado. For some reason, I am repeatedly uncoordinated when it comes to knives. The hand injury put a damper on my plans to reattempt skiing on Saturday, but I had fun on the boat anyway! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Anna and I (I have been missing this girl!)

Matt and Rachel

Rachel and Lauren

Benjie and Jen

Lauren and Rachel relaxing in the lake

Trying to figure out how to tie the ski rope...

Lace and I with skis on - proof that I made an attempt (I actually made several attempts, and got pretty close to getting up a couple of times. Was planning to keep trying, but a knife through the hand thwarted those plans...)

Keely skiing (clearly, our guys were successful with the rope)

Getting ready to go tubing

Apparently I was having a good time! Not sure what Anna is thinking...

Tubing fun

Trying not to fall out!

Jen and Lacey's turn

Lauren chillin' on the boat

Benjie - our fearless captain. This is apparently his boat driving face.

Me and my wounded hand, right after having water poured into my burning eye (evidence that I was a good nurse and applied my sunscreen)

My fabulous small group friends - the dirty and exhausted version
(complete with typical Matt behavior)

**Update - If you want to check out some videos of wipe-outs from the weekend, check out Trey's blog. The best wipe-out of the weekend award definitely goes to Benjie, though, while he was slaloming on a broken ski. His foot came out and sent him flying like a ragdoll, which pretty much gave me (the only nurse on the boat) a heart attack. Fortunately, he was fine. Unfortunately, that moment was not captured for your viewing pleasure.

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