Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fargo - Day 3 (new and improved - with captions)

We started the day by going to hear Jeremy preach at one of the 3 Baptist churches in town. It was the first time that I had heard my brother-in-law preach, and he did a great job! He preached on Jeremiah 29. His love for the Lord and desire for this city to come to know the Truth was definitely evident.

After a very yummy spaghetti lunch, we decided to go for a walk to find some gelato. But first, we walked all the way to Minnesota! This is the Fargo sign as we walked back across the state line into North Dakota.

Fargo has several very funny signs. Check out Carla's blog for a couple more examples. We find it quite hilarious that there are specific instructions that there is to be no shouting after 10pm.

Mmmm! The gelato place was open! We were a little worried, since almost everything downtown seemed to be closed on Sunday.

My sisters are REALLY enjoying the fact that all the buildings in this town are brick, and I think random brick walls are a great place to play around with my camera! (No sarcasm here...)

Everybody needed a new Facebook photo :-)

The day ended with a trip over to Abby and John's place for a cookout. This sweet couple are Pam and Jeremy's ministry partners here in Fargo. I got to meet their new little girl, Julia, for the first time. She is definitely a cutie! This is Pam with Julia (maybe a little practice for the future...)

Even though there is no photo documentation, I have to include that we ended the night with a game of Pluck and a game of Scrabble. I won both. That does not often happen when I play Pam in Scrabble (she pretty much always wins), so I have to take this opportunity to brag :-)

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Julie Tiemann said...

Those pictures are great! Your new camera rocks for sure. And what is it about brick walls that just beg for photo opps? :)