Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's 3pm...what have YOU done today?

It is, in fact, 3pm. And, I would imagine that most of you have accomplished more today than I have. It would be hard not to. That is because I have managed to do almost nothing productive so far today. Including sleeping through a breakfast date that I was supposed to have with two girls that I love. So sad about that. But, I feel crummy today. And I was up several hours during the night feeling crummy, too. So, it's hard to get motivated. But, getting motivated is the goal here. I thought about posting a To-Do list on the blog of the things that I would like to try to get accomplished this afternoon. But, then I decided that reminded me a lot of a roommate I had in college who would spend so much time sitting in front of her Outlook calendar scheduling her life that she then had to go back and edit the calendar to reschedule the things that she had missed while she was sitting there scheduling. So, instead, I will stop procrastinating and get up and go do something. What thing, exactly? I haven't decided yet. The options are many. Perhaps at the end of the day I will come back and let you know if I managed to accomplish anything. I would tell you to drop me a line and boast about how productive you are being today, but if I did that then I would have to come back to the computer periodically to see if anyone had commented. And that would not be productive, now would it?? So here I go...

10 pm update:

shower - check.

Bible time - check.

kitchen cleaned - check. (later re-messed up, but it gets a check nonetheless)

dinner cooked - check. (a real meal! not from the microwave)

dinner eaten - check. (with Dad, who is here for the night)

laundry done - half a check. (washed and mostly dried, not put away yet)

plants watered - check. (thanks to the rain for help with that one)

So You Think You Can Dance results show - check.

I think my day is done! :-)

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Caroline said...

You were way more productive than I was today! Good job! I love sytycd, too - but haven't watched it yet this season :(