Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fargo - Day 2

Day 2 in Fargo went a little like this:
Sleep in late...Drag myself out of bed...Enjoy some coffee made by my fabulous brother-in-law...Finally manage to get all four of us ready using one bathroom...Head outside to the refreshingly beautiful North Dakota temperatures (read: 70's)...Walk to downtown (about 2 blocks from the apartment - SO nice)...Learn that Fargo is, in fact, "windy as hell" (and I quote the man sitting next to me on the plane. I, of course, would find a different way to express that fact.)...Enjoy a yummy turkey burger and fries at the Old Broadway (ordered a veggie burger, but what I got was amazing AND I didn't have to pay for it)...Walk around downtown...See Bob Costas and Billy Crystal randomly walking out of the theater right in front of us (seriously - who would have thought I'd see famous people in North Dakota??)...Take a picture of Billy Crystal from afar (trying not to look too much like paparazzi)...Continue to enjoy the sights of downtown Fargo and take pictures like a tourist all around the town...Come home for a brief stay before heading to the movies (where apparently the entire population is on a Saturday afternoon)...Watch The Proposal (for $6! - hard to find that in Atlanta)...Go to the mall and buy jeans at Gap for $20 (regularly $69)...Head to a really cute coffee shop and enjoy an amazing frappe and play cards...Win at Phase 10...Get back to the apartment and quickly edit a couple of photos for all of you to see...Finish this post and head to bed! I'm sleepy! Enjoy the proof below!

No caption necessary

One of the many faces of Jeremy Robinson

Sitting at the table at Old Broadway (sporting the curly hair - it was faster...)

Random side of a building that I thought was cool

Billy Crystal

Random impromptu shoot next to brick wall

Pam is definitely singing, "Get your lollygag on" (or something like that) and making us laugh. Who knows what that actually means, but it was funny

Having fun over a game of Phase 10 with Pam and two of the summer interns


Crystal said...

it is impossible for my brother to make a normal face during a photo - we should dedicate blog posts just to that fact - LOL

love Billy Crystal - looks so old! wow. side note - if I had married Billy Crystal my name would be Crystal Crystal - hilarious!

enjoy fargo!

Julie Tiemann said...

Who knew Fargo was so cute? And why in the WORLD was Billy Crystal there?