Saturday, June 13, 2009


We all go through phases, right? Like, sometimes there are things that you can't seem to get enough of. But, eventually you do get enough of them. And then you don't want them anymore. Remember this post? All of the those things have passed away (well, except maybe for the word ridiculous) and have been replaced by new obsessions. Like So You Think You Can Dance. (And, perhaps, the use of the italics.) I can't get enough of that show ever since the new season started. To the point where I feel the need to watch episodes of an old season (thanks, Peru friends) at times when I can't watch a new episode. I'm obsessed. At least this week.

Also, earlier this week I let myself stop and pick up some Jake's ice cream on my way home from work. BAD IDEA. Now, every time I drive by (which is often), I feel the need to stop and get some. I haven't been allowing myself to give in to the craving, but it's so hard to drive by!

Today, I just want to eat grapes. And more grapes. And maybe a few more. I guess it's more nutritious than Jake's, huh??

And, clearly, I have become a bit more obsessed with blogging lately. Even more so with reading other people's blogs. Seriously, this may become a problem. I even set up a blog for my sister Pam in hopes that she will use it to share about her new life in the bitter-cold-North. So, if you know my sister (or even if you don't), leave her a comment here and tell her that she better get to bloggin'. But, leave out the part where you tell her that she might just become obsessed, OK?

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Julie Tiemann said...

Ha! I'm kinda that way too, as you can tell. I just love reading and I love hearing what's going in people's lives, so blogs are a good fit for both. :) Have you tried an RSS? I use Google Reader, and it both cuts down on the time and feed my obsession. Go figure.

By the way, I also love SYTYCD!!!