Friday, August 14, 2009

La enfermeria no es un juego.

I saw a sign today in Lima that said just that.

The translation?

Nursing is not a game.

No, it's not actually. Thanks for the announcement.

There are lots of funny signs in Lima. I will have to try to take a picture of a few. Like the ones with a large mug shot of some random person with their eyes blacked out with a rectangle telling everyone that they, too, will be arrested if they sell drugs in Pueblo Libre. Don't do it.

I am having fun here, as always. After I arrived at a ridiculous time in the morning yesterday, I had some chai at the airport Starbucks before being picked up by Brian, one of the WMF field directors here. We chatted for a while before he dropped me off at Linsey's house (another WMF staffer), where I am staying. We chatted for a while and then I took a nap before getting up in time to walk with Brian and Rachel to pick up their adorable 3 year old daughter Natalia from preschool. That girl is so stinkin' cute! She led us the whole way home while pulling her little rolling backback. So cute. Later, I helped Linsey make some yummy soup for dinner and we spent the evening with the Langleys, Natalia, and their other precious all-grown-up 9-year old Isabel. It was a great first day! Today, we headed to the ministry center for staff worship time this morning. It was great to get to see the ministry center that the staff here has long prayed for. The upstairs portion where the offices are located is complete and it looks awesome! The downstairs main building is still under construction. Please pray for needed funding to be able to complete necessary renovations on this portion of the building, which will be used for so many different ministry opportunities! After worship we headed out to the home of a sweet friend of the community who just recently had a new baby boy. I spent most of the visit holding that sweet baby and praying that the Lord has great things in store for his life. You can pray for this sweet friend, her new son, and her two precious little girls. Praise the Lord that they are not living on the street, but life is still difficult in a small one-room home with limited resources and lots of little mouths to feed. This evening has been a relaxing time of hanging out at the house with Linsey and taking an opportunity to do a little pleasure reading (albeit a sad story of the Lost boys of Sudan). It's been nice!

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Julie Tiemann said...

Glad you made it safely!

I fell in love with a little girl named Natalia when I studied abroad in Costa Rica in college. I actually would love to use that name, but just wonder how many confused looks we'd get when people see our family's extreme whiteness. :)