Monday, August 10, 2009

Mood Swings...

Well, I guess it would really be swings of emotions, not really moods. It's funny how life ebbs and flows, sending waves of emotions to go along with the events.

Yesterday, one of my most precious patients (remember this picture) got to go home from the hospital after her bone marrow transplant. After over a month of being held hostage in our BMT unit, she was able to reunite with her sister and brothers and go home. I am hopeful that the new cells she received from her brother will be her cure from cancer forever. That's exciting.

But then, I found out this morning that this sweet little one lost her fight with leukemia yesterday. She, too, received a bone marrow transplant, but her leukemia made its way back into her little body and took over. Yesterday, as we celebrated with one family, this sweet family was mourning.

Again, I am brought to a place of longing for Jesus to come and restore this broken world to the way that it was intended to be. What a sweet day that will be. I can't wait.

Until then, I will keep praying for healing for my little friends, believing that the God is indeed able to heal. And I will continue to pray for peace and understanding when my friends are not healed in this life, believing that God's ways are higher than my own understanding, and that a day of restoration will indeed come. I can't wait.

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