Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Things on my List of Things to Pack for PERU:

(that is, if I actually made lists of things to pack...which I typically don't. But, we can pretend. And my dad can tell me later that if I had made such a list, I wouldn't have forgotten that thing that I am sure to forget.)

(BTW - I am going to Peru today! Did I mention that?!?)

1. Winter clothes. Yes, friends, Peru is in the Southern hemisphere and therefore has opposite seasons from the US. So, I will be leaving the 90 degree Georgia summer and heading to the 60-ish degree Lima winter. And no, I am not sad about it. I am looking forward to cooler weather! Especially since I am currently sitting upstairs in my room above the garage where I don't always run the air conditioner (it's separate than the rest of the house) and it is a stifling 96 degrees right now. Now, whether I am looking forward to the cold that I am likely going to have from the rapid change of seasons when I get back home, I'm not so sure...

2. Flip flops. Have I mentioned that I wear flip flops in all seasons? Well, I do.

3. Yummy treats for my friends. Because there are just some things that are hard to find down there. Like chocolate chips. And brownie mix. And peanut butter. And that's what visitors are for, after all!

4. Travel size toiletries. Because they are just so cute! Just forget the fact that the price per ounce makes them very impractical, because they are cute!

5. My passport. Because I can't get there without it, and maybe since I am writing it down right now I will remember to get it out of the car! (Don't ask why it's in the car, because I am pretty sure that I don't have a great explanation...)

6. My camera. Even though I usually don't take all that many pictures while I am there, I will make a special effort just for you, my blog friends.

7. Tennis shoes. Because even though I am a flip-flop kind of girl, downtown Lima at night has lots of things that you'd just rather not get on your feet.

8. Bible and journal. I am looking forward to hearing from the Lord while I am there. The Lord tends to use time away from my regular routine to speak into my life, and I am praying that He does just that during my time in Lima.

9. Erin's Marmot bag. It makes the best carry-on/purse! Even though it is not that big, it holds so much stuff! It is also a great bag for walking around Lima, complete with places to hold my water bottle. (Erin - if you are reading this, I am sorry that I still have your bag, and I hope that you don't mind too much that I am putting it to good use once again! I promise to get it back to you some day!)

10. That thing that I am going to forget. In hopes that if it is on the list I won't actually forget it!

Hope that you guys have a great week while I am gone!


Julie Tiemann said...

Have fun in Peru!!!

And hope you didn't forget #10.

Anonymous said...

So, I guess hairbrush wasn't on your list silly girl.
Love Mom

BoysMom said...

Hairbrush? I was wondering if you were only going to be wearing the outfit you have on now?

Love ya,
Aunt Annie