Monday, August 31, 2009

Top Five Signs I am Getting OLD(er)

This past weekend at camp I got some reminders that I am getting older. Here are a few:

1. The fact that I am as old as one of my camper's mom. I became aware of that as she stated, "My mom always says she's old. She's 28." Thanks for that.

2. I was SO excited that my assignment with the younger girls cabin meant a 930 bedtime. Unfortunately, no one told the girls that bedtime actually meant time to go to sleep.

3. The bruises that I have on the back of my leg courtesy of my time on the see-saw.

4. The fact that I was the only one actually interested in resting during rest time. The girls had tons of energy to keep running around the cabin, but I actually wanted to rest!

5. Every camp there is a new popular dance that I have never heard of before. In May, it was the "Stanky Leg." This time, it was the "Hoedown Throwdown." I searched for it on YouTube when I got home, and found out that it is a Hannah Montana song. Who knew? Well, apparently all of the kids/teenagers at camp did. You should check it out. You know, so you can stay hip and stuff... Except that I don't think anyone uses the word "hip" anymore in that context.

Yeah, I am getting old...


BoysMom said...

I think I can top that, but my worst getting old moment was seeing a fashion I wore being displayed as the new spring fashion. That's when I had to learn the rule, "If you wore it once, you can't wear it again," Darn.

Julie Tiemann said...

You obviously missed my blog post a couple of months ago of the video of me at Buckhead Church leading the kids in the Hoedown Throwdown at eight months pregnant. No, I wasn't dancing - only singing. :) After learning the song all summer long, I'll be fine if I never hear it again. ;)

amy said...

actually, i did see that video, but apparently the song itself didn't stick in my memory...until now. i only listened to it a few times while i was looking for the video on youtube, but it definitely was swimming around in my head today!

Allison said...

I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one with the Hoedown Throwdown stuck in my head after camp! I also was surprised to learn it was a Hannah Montana song (and actually kind of shocked that the teens were okay with doing it).

It does make me feel old when I realize I am the same age as some of my older patients' parents. I have one patient whose grandmother has guardianship of him, and apparently she became his GRANDMOTHER when she was only a year or two older than me. Although that doesn't make me feel old as much as does make me feel glad my life has not led me down that path.

It was great to see you this weekend!