Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 so far: the year in iPhone photos

2012 started in this house. My roommate AJ and I started renting this place last October. It is small and cute, and a great place for us! My favorite thing about it is that it is 4.5 miles from work, instead of 30!

The Gators salvaged their 2011 season with a bowl game victory at the beginning of January, and I was in Jacksonville to watch it!

In February, the whole family got together in Florida to hang out. Pam and Jeremy are expecting their first baby girl in June, so it was so fun to get to see that baby bump and celebrate them with a family baby shower. Baby Hannah is going to be one spoiled little girl!

I have made several trips to the Grower's Outlet this year, and have planted several things, including these tulips.

There has been some hiking.

And some snuggling with this sweet dog.

Seriously, could she be cuter?

A couple of weeks ago, I "ran" the Color Run. So fun!

Of course, there has also been a good bit of hammock laying.

And, most recently, birthday celebrating at the aquarium! Did you know that admission is free on your birthday??

**These pictures are mostly unedited and unsized in an effort to not spend an eternity on this post :-)

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Caroline said...

Fun! I LOVE your house.. yellow is a good color for a house, and I love it even more since there are tulips outside! I love your posts :)