Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Addiction

This is the post where I make a confession.

I am addicted.

To what, you ask??

I am addicted to buying handmade pottery. Specifically mugs. I can't. stop. buying. them.

Our mug shelf is overflowing. And trust me, it has been purged. Several times. But still, there is something about a handmade mug that makes me want to buy it. Maybe it's that I wish I could do that! I have wanted to be able to make pottery since I was in middle school. Why didn't I ever learn? Who knows? In high school, I was so focused on academics that I didn't take many elective courses. I regret that a little bit now, but hey, it's never too late, right?? In fact, there is a place very close to me where you can take classes and rent studio time. I'll let you know when I sign myself up! First, though, I am going to take a couple of sewing classes that I got for my birthday. I have a sewing machine, but don't know how to use it, so I am going to check that one off the list in a couple of weeks. I am excited!

But, back to the topic at hand... Since I don't know how to throw a pot (or a mug...) for myself yet, I must keep enjoying the beauty of other people's talents. Here is my newest addition to the mug shelf, one that I bought this weekend at an art fair in Jasper:

What's better than enjoying a cup of hot Casi Cielo coffee out of this beauty??

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