Friday, April 20, 2012

The Olympics

I love watching the Olympics.

It doesn't really matter what sport it is (though I do have favorites), I just really love to watch the Olympics. I guess it's something about watching athletes that have trained their whole lives compete for the ultimate prize. I just really enjoy watching.

Rewind about 4 years. 2008...the last Summer Olympics. Where was I? I was here:

In the backseat of a Honda Civic. Driving across the country.

Now, granted, it was an amazing trip! I got to see beautiful places that I had never seen before. Places like this:

And this:

And this:

But, I did miss getting to watch the Olympics.

Now, fast foward 4 years. 2012. This year - an Olympic year! How exciting! I looked today to see when the Summer Olympics start this year...

July 27th.

Seriously? July 27th? Really?

Can you guess where I will be?? That's the backseat of a car. On a roadtrip in the Northwest. Seeing beautiful things and beautiful places like this:

But, again....missing the Summer Olympics. What are the odds??

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Pam said...

so jeremy and i are secretly excited to have a baby girl that will be up at random hours so we can watch all kinds of random olympics!! fun times! love the olympics! last time it was our first summer married and went to bed with the tv each night.