Sunday, July 26, 2009


Thoughts as I clean out the shower drain (while I am waiting for the Tilex to work...clearly, I have not left for FL yet)

Thought #1: EWW.

Thought #2: No wonder water couldn't pass through here...

Thought #3: I think I am going to throw up (as I gag)...

Thought #4: How do I possibly have any hair left on my head?? (especially since I cleaned out my brush today, too)

Thought #5: EWWW.

While I thought for a second about taking a picture of the mass quantity of grossness that came out of the drain, I decided to spare you. It would not have quite the effect without the accompanying odor anyways.



Jennifer said...

As a gal with a LOT of hair on my head, I too experience that "how in the world do I have any hair on my head left?!?", here is some advice that has helped wonderfully! At Target/Walmart, where ever, they have a hair catcher that fits over the drain and catches all hair. Usually you can find it in the plumbing aisle.

BoysMom said...

That is quite amazing that we have both decided it is time to clean our shower drains - quite an interesting discovery, isn't it! I think EWWWW sums it up quite nicely.