Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Am...

This morning, I am...

a coffee drinking,

bill paying,

pajama (still) wearing,



apple sauce eating,

email sending,

blog updating,

To-Do list crossing,

lover of all things mint.
(like the mint truffle Hershey kiss I am about to eat...
...because some things never change.)

Who are you today?


Julie Tiemann said...

(Tried to write this earlier today but blogspot wouldn't let me...)


A stressed out,

nearly 8-month pregnant,

swollen feet having,

frozen-meal eating,


can't wait for Friday

designer, wife and mother.

Since you asked. ;)

amy said...

Friday's here! And, yes, I did ask. Thanks for replying! Hope that baby girl is happy and healthy and comes out soon (as soon as is healthy, of course...)