Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Annie!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Annie!!

You're the best! Hope that you are having a fabulously relaxing day! Here are some of my Aunt Annie memories:

**Going shopping with you and Christy. You bought me a shirt, and I loved it! I am pretty sure I wore that thing until it literally had holes in it...

**Singing in your wedding. I don't remember the actual singing part. I do remember that the song was a bit of a last minute choice. I also remember (and try to forget) my lovely lacy attire for the occasion. And the hair. That was a very unfortunate look, indeed.

**Watching you get ready for a date before you were married. I do believe there were some very tight jeans involved. I think you said that he liked them that way :-)

**Spending time with you the week that Grandma died. Even in that difficult time, I have sweet memories of getting to spend time with you - working on the quilt and the going through old pictures. You guys certainly made that time easier to walk through.

Thanks for being one of the coolest aunts ever!! I love you!

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BoysMom said...

You have made me totally LOL! What sweet memories, so I didn't remember (the tight jeans). Thanks for making my day so special!