Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top Five

Today, I decided to check out where you people that have been reading my blog are from. And here is what I was surprised to find as the top 5 cities:

1. Phoenix, AR

2. Norcross, GA

3. Jacksonville, FL

4. Decatur, GA

5. Fargo, ND

Now, I have a pretty good idea of who is reading in Norcross, Jacksonville, and Fargo. I could probably come up with a few good guesses in Decatur. But the #1?? Who would have thought that the person/people that pull up my little blog the most are ones that I don't even know?!?

So, leave me a message sometime, my blog friends. I would love to get to know who you are!


Carla said...

I am your sister, and I read your blog from Jacksonville, FL .. hehe.

amy said...

thanks. i was wondering...