Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - an update

I know, I know...

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the Top Ten Tuesday posts. But, in my defense, I told you that I wouldn't be. Remember??

Speaking of remembering...do you remember this list from about a month ago? Well, I thought that I'd give you an update on how my list of things to accomplish this summer is going. And, I'm a little sad to report that it's not going so well...

But, let's start on a positive note, shall we??

So far this summer, I have managed successfully fulfill #4, #6, and am well on my way to #8! That is, my flowers are still living (well, most of them and the majority rules, right?), I visited Pam and Jeremy in North Dakota (SO fun), and have consumed a very large quantity of watermelon. I won't say that I've eaten my weight exactly, but we'll say that I have successfully enjoyed the watermelon-eating season. In fact, I have some in the fridge right now! And yesterday, I made watermelon lemonade with a hint of mint, and it was quite yummy!

So, I guess that leaves seven things on the list that are not going so well...

We'll start with #3, since there is no hope for that one. I killed my tomato plant. Sad day. There will be no home-grown tomatoes to enjoy. But, that is not all that tragic since I don't actually really like tomatoes anyway :-)

Pathetic, I know.

I am still holding out hope for the other six! I have a couple of book options in mind (#1 on the list), though I haven't started anything yet. I was thinking of busting out a classic. Maybe even something that I was forced to read in high school and for such reasons automatically hated. Who knows? I might actually like them. I am definitely still in the mood for a little hiking escapade (#2) and a Braves game (#5). Anybody want to join me?? I need a little motivation to get moving in order to fulfill #10! It's so hot outside! That fact alone often stomps on my motivation to go outside and exercise. I am working on some plans for a visit to Florida to fulfill #9 - maybe in August? I am anxious to meet sweet baby Anna! As for #7, I'm just waiting for the Lord to send someone my way who will fall in love with my house and want to buy it! Feel free to pray along with me for that one!

And Monica - as for your addition to the list, I would definitely love to make a Lima visit soon! I miss you friends! I looked at plane ticket prices today, and they were not so pretty. So, we'll have to see. But, I am working on a certain little something due at the end of July :-)

What about you, friends? Have any summer To-Dos that you are working on? How's it going? And if you have any requests for Top Ten Tuesday topics, send them my way. Maybe I'll just have to oblige.


monica said...

i'll take it! as long as my addition is being considered :). will definitely be praying with you my dear.

as for books let me suggest "Life of Pi" or, in the classics i was forced to read department "To Kill a Mockingbird" just re-read both and was so happy i did! so much love to you!

Carla said...

I recommend "Animal Farm," "The Old Man and the Sea," and especially "Heart of Darkness" in the high school re-read category. (Actually, I would rather go hiking ... and that says a lot.)